Make Desert Camping Fun in Dubai

When you hear the word Dubai, what pops into your mind? It is most likely that you immediately conjure up images of 5-star hotels, shopping events, luxury cars, and extravagent apartments for sale in Dubai. Have you ever considered desert camping in Dubai? We’ve compiled a list of the most exclusive and secluded desert camping areas in Dubai for you to visit.

What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is from the mid of November to the beginning of December. You can also fly to Dubai in the first half of March. If you just want to experience desert camping in Dubai, the months of March to September are ideal.

The Best Places to Visit for Camping in Dubai

These are some of the breath-taking places for camping in Dubai:

Al Dhafra Beach in Dubai

Al Dhafra Beach, on the edge of Abu Dhabi, is one of Dubai’s most scenic desert camping spots. You can camp easily by the water, where you could see a couple of turtles and other sea life close to the shore. Apart from camping in the Dubai desert, Al Dhafra Beach is a perfect place to enjoy water sports such as swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking.

Al Quadra Lakes

Al Qudra is one of Dubai’s most popular desert camping spots, and it’s just 30 minutes from the Mall of the Emirates. Al Qudra provides two distinct locations, one of which resembles a desert and the other of which resembles a stunning oasis. Dunes bind Al Qudra, and if you’re fortunate, wild camels can be seen early in the morning. It’s a dream come true to camp here.

Umm Al Quwain Beach

At Umm Al Quwain Beach, you are welcome to camp almost anywhere along the beach’s coastline. However, if you camp too close to the shore, it can flood your tent during the night while the tides are strong. At Al Raas, you will visit the ancient fishing villages along the peninsula and pick up fishing equipment and prepare dinner. It is worth trying to experience.


This is the only Emirate in the UAE that is situated on the east coast. In addition to private nighttime desert camps in Dubai, Fujairah is a perfect place to visit. With scenes of breathtaking mountains and a sheltered beach, Fujairah is sure to enchant everyone. If you’re searching for a spot to camp in the Dubai desert, this is the place to go.

Hajar Mountains

These mountains cover Oman and the UAE equally. It is one of the finest places to visit in Dubai if you plan to go on camping. Ensure that you take along all the necessary hiking and trekking equipment. Tracking is essential if you want to find a camping spot here.

Jabel Al Jais

Jebel Al Jais, situated in Ras Al Khaimah, is known as the UAE’s tallest peak. It’s also known as the “Grand Canyon of Oman” because the landscape is breathtaking. The hiking trail here is fairly flat and easy to ascend, making it a perfect spot to walk up to excellent viewpoints and enjoy the mountains’ canyon. Jebel Al Jais is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Fossil Rock in Sharjah

Fossil Rock is a famous gathering place for camping lovers and is situated in Sharjah. It is one of the best desert camping spots in Dubai. The land is protected by dunes and is suitable for big parties. It’s great because it’s close to civilisation but still far from Dubai’s hustle and bustle.

White Sand Beach

White Sands Beach, situated between Fins and Wadi Shab, is a perfect spot for campers to enjoy Oman’s coastline. This is a lovely spot for setting up camp or a tent on a bluff overlooking a sandy beach. When lying down and looking at the night sky, you will enjoy spectacular scenery and hear the sound of the ocean.

Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau

If you want to visit Khasab and the Al Sayah Plateau in Musandam, you’ll have to request a 10-day tourist visa, which will allow you to cross the border at Al Rams. There are several ways to invest your time here, including mountain biking, trekking, or just relaxing at your camp and soaking in the scenery. There are many aquatic activities to experience if you are a water sports fan.

These are some of the best places for camping in Dubai. Make sure to visit all of them after getting villas for sale in Dubai.