joker388 Betting Patterns: The Accidental Call Or Raise

Online poker is a great way to see your opponent’s betting patterns. This article will focus on a small, specific “accidental” tell that you might see online. We hope you can use it to your advantage.

Online poker rooms allow you to pre-select the action that you want to take by checking a box before it’s your turn. This can be used to “tell” your opponent that they are taking the action they have pre-selected. Their “pre-selected” action takes effect immediately when it is their turn. Their Slot Online action is the “accidental telling”.NotA pre-selected action that suggests they may have done an error. This gives you some information about whether or not this person wants to be in your hand. It is difficult to explain this with words so I will give you an example.

Full Tilt Poker Before the action starts, you can click the checkbox to indicate that you want “Check/Fold”, or just “Call” (or both, if they are in the BB). Online poker uses software technology that runs on lightning fast broadband networks. This means the “actions”, which can occur quickly, can catch people completely by surprise.

Imagine an opponent wanting to “call” the blind by simply limping in. You can choose to pre-select “call” and the software will automatically limp him in when he does. Just as he is about to click the checkbox, you raise your stake. Now, that checkbox that he was about putting in turns into a “Call” button that he accidentally (instantly). This betting pattern is easily recognized by the speed at which he responds. Online poker is fast, so if a player responds almost instantly, it could indicate that he accidentally hit the button. A good raise will require at least one second of thought.

If you are head-up with the person, you may be able to have a “tell”, which suggests that he may have a marginal card. He might have originally wanted to play with a cheap hand. This can be used to your advantage. This is a typical continuation bet that can easily win the pot uncontested.

You should also be cautious when using the “pre-action” checkboxes. Your 9-3 offsuit could accidentally be called an ALL-IN SHOVE! Good luck with the felt.