4 Fun Ways to Convert Traditional Smokers to the Best Vape Hardware

When it comes to people who smoke cigarettes regularly, it can be disturbing to others. For instance, there are foul smells and dirty ashtrays all over the house. Moreover, if your spouse or partner smokes and you have children around, this could be detrimental to your health and theirs. You might have heard about vaping and how it is a safer alternative to smoking. However, getting your partner or spouse to switch to vaping over cigarettes will not be challenging with some simple and powerful tips.

Embracing the best vape hardware for beginners

Thanks to online and local stores, you can find the best vape hardware for beginners here. They are generally your one-stop store to find everything you need under a single roof. There are vape devices available in plenty, so you can gift one to your partner and spouse and embrace any one or more of the following fun ways to get him/her off cigarettes-

  1. Get some children around – Even if you do not have any kids of your own, call over some neighbor’s children often. Regular smokers are very respectful towards kids, and they usually do not light cigarettes in front of them. Whenever there are kids around in the house, offer them a vape device instead. The vape device does not produce unpleasant odors, and it can be safe while he/she vapes.
  2. Find a good reason for road trips – Arrange road trips frequently with non-smokers. Like kids, your spouse or partner will respect their presence and will not light up a cigarette in front of them. Here again, vape devices will work splendidly. You can plan these trips and have an e-cigarette attached to the charger of your car. In this way, you can, with time, transform a regular smoker into vaping e-cigarettes that is a much safer option.
  3. Host smoke-free parties – This is an excellent way to get someone you love or hold dear out of the smoking habit. There could be a fun rule where if someone steps out to smoke, they will forfeit a drink. Keep vape devices around instead. Gradually, with regular smoke-free parties, your special one will quit the habit of smoking and switch to vaping instead.
  4. Sneeze or cough loudly in the presence of a cigarette – This is something that you might have to overdo, but it surely pays off in the long run. You need to cough loudly or sneeze every time a cigarette is lighted up. In this way, your partner or spouse will feel worried and consider your condition serious. He/she will eventually stop smoking in front of you if you hand over them a vape device instead.

All the above ways might take some time, but they will truly pay off with patience. You later can introduce your loved one to some of the best vape hardware online. In this manner, gradually but slowly, your special one will start vaping and, with time, completely give up smoking with success.